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1. Food Pyramid For Kids

Kids Food Pyramid

Any parent can testify to how much food a growing child can eat; sometimes, it seems impossible to keep up with their insatiable hunger. This is all the more reason why we must prioritize keeping satisfying, calorie-dense foods on hand that we can be proud to feed to our children.

One key difference in our children's diet is that they burn through far more carbohydrates than we do. Their growing bodies are like a roaring furnace on a runaway train, whereas ours are slower and steadier as we age. Food companies know our children's needs and are happy to offer every type of factory-made carbohydrate under the sun. Still, these are rarely up to par regarding being traditionally prepared and genuinely healthy.

Like it or not, the responsibility for providing healthy carbs and other foods for our children falls squarely on the backs of the parents. There is no grey area here - we MUST prepare our everyday carbs for kids, for example, sourdough crackers, sourdough sandwich bread, baked oatmeal, pancakes, etc. These are called SLOW foods for a reason, and they take careful planning to be executed properly. It is time to step up and be the parent your children need!

40 - 70% Healthy Fats
20 - 30%
15 - 40%

*The demand for carbs fluctuates highly with children.  Between raging hormones, growth spurts, and varying levels of activity, it is important to be attentive to your child's needs as they change.

2. Time For School

Breakfast of Champions

Get your little one off to a great start with a healthy breakfast of traditionally prepared foods. The examples below are what we usually eat for breakfast while mixing in the traditional omelets, meats, and sauces like Hollandaise on the weekends.




Lunch Crunch

One of the more challenging routines to keep up with is scratch making lunch for the kids each day. 


The quality of school lunches in this country is deplorable, and completely misses the mark for feeding our most important resource.

But with some careful planning and a loving touch, making lunch for the kiddos can become another daily routine just like brushing your teeth.

Healthy Lunch Box Example

Tips for Keeping Up:

This PlanetBox Lunch Box has always kept me on task when planning lunches. The main compartment is the perfect size for a sandwich or small dish, and the smaller compartments hold all the sides. This is the clear winner for the best lunch box around - and it comes with so many extras like sealable containers, an insulated carry bag, and optional matching utensils.

PlanetBox Lunch Box



Figure out what snack foods your little one loves to eat and keep those items on hand for quick and easy lunch sides. Some examples of what we use are fresh-cut fruit (obviously), Sourdough Einkorn Goldfish Crackers, Healthy Dad Approved Plantain Chips, popcorn cooked in olive oil or coconut oil, or raw cheese cubes.

Sliced Veggies


Sandwiches, sandwiches!! The most frequent flyer on our lunch list is some type of sandwich—always toasted with a generous spread of raw butter. Other items I like to pack are chicken fingers (cooked in lard or cold-pressed olive oil, of course), vegetable sushi rolls, or sometimes leftovers from dinner if they will travel well.

About once per week I crank out this amazing Einkorn Sourdough Sandwich Bread. This is something I feel great about giving to the kids - and it's a great all-purpose bread to keep on hand.

Sourdough Sandwich Bread

3. Staying Active

Feeding your kids healthy, traditional foods is hugely important, but as they get older it's also important to make sure they are active.  Signing up for a family gym membership is a great way to keep the kids active, as many of them offer free childcare and group classes as part of the membership.  Other options, depending on the child's level of interest are sports programs, or any other physically engaging activity like ice skating, ballet, or gymnastics.

Active Kids
Soccer Ball
Tennis Ball

It is important for us to care for the the whole child as best we can.  Talk to your children and come up with a mutually satisfying option to keep them active.

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