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At best, vaccines are a band-aid fix to a much more significant and systemic problem of malnutrition and the scourge of choosing convenience over quality of food. At worst, they are a perversion of modern medicine that wreaks havoc on the minds and bodies of our children. Either way, I implore all who are reading this to become fully informed on all sides of the issues before making a decision. I still have yet to meet a board-certified pediatrician who has read the vaccine inserts (i.e., list of potential side effects and the probability of them occurring) or has given any credibility to vaccine alternatives; indeed, they are legally bound not to do so.


Do Your Own Research

When it comes to medical decisions, or any other aspect of the health of you and your family, I highly encourage you to do your own research.  A word of caution, though, as with any research - always know where the information comes from and who stands to gain from the results. So many of the studies related to medicine, vaccines, and other pro-corporate attitudes are bought and paid for by the companies that stand to gain from the results. I have done my best to compile information from unbiased, trustworthy sources on the Resources page that covers most topics on this site. I recommend using that as a place to start for anyone looking to expand their knowledge on health-related issues.

For information on vaccines, I recommend first watching the documentary Vaxxed. There is much opposition to the claims made in this documentary, but upon close inspection, it is difficult to find opposing commentary from someone who does not receive a paycheck from an organization funded by pharmaceutical companies. Given that most network television stations, newspapers, magazines, and other types of news media are largely funded by pharmaceutical advertisers, it is highly implausible that one could get unbiased information from any of these sources.

Beyond the documentary, a lot of information is available online or in print if you look for it with a critical eye.


Make Your Own Decisions

It would help if you made your own decisions. At the very least, you must be given both sides of the story before being bullied into defaulting to the medical establishment's recommendations. If, after having truly informed consent on vaccinations or any other health-related topic, you still choose to follow the doctor's orders, then by all means, do so. You will have to live with this decision for the rest of your life, so make it carefully and give it deep thought. The number one situation I would like to prevent is another family making a rash, uninformed decision before considering the ramifications. I wish you health and happiness in whatever decision you may make.

Happy Family
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