About Vaccines

A robust immune system built on the foundation of traditionally prepared foods and a well-rounded lifestyle are the best defense against all manner of diseases.  Vaccines tout the benefit of immunity to many diseases without the need to care for the strength of the immune system.  Yet, to the contrary, vaccines inhibit development of the immune system because they deprive young bodies of the opportunity to be exposed to illnesses and fight them off.

At best vaccines are a band-aid fix to a much larger and systemic problem of malnutrition and the scourge of choosing convenience over quality of food.  At worst they are a perversion of modern medicine that wreak havoc on the minds and bodies of our children.  Either way, I implore all who are reading this to consider bypassing vaccines all together and instead focus on developing the whole child through traditionally prepared foods and natural living.

Vaccines have become a very polarizing topic, with most people falling heavily in support of one side or the other.  It is easy to become wrapped up in misinformation, false assumptions, and outright lies that are permeating the topic of vaccines.  I find that the best way to get to the bottom of the truth is to rely on the personal experiences of yourself, your loved ones, and other trusted sources.

In my family's case we had a very troubling experience with vaccines, one that aligned with the many, many other families that have been brave enough to tell their stories about the dangers of vaccines...

My wife and I did the best we could to raise our first child, Sophia, naturally.  We had a beautiful home birth that went perfectly, we exclusively breastfed, fed her local farm foods and organic produce, and generally did everything we could to ensure her perfect health.  The one shortfall we encountered was vaccination.  We were unprepared to defend against the aggressive, gestapo style tactics of the medical-industrial machine to ensure that each child receives vaccinations.  While we questioned the need for vaccines at every step, we fell prey to the pleas of our doctor, who went on and on about herd immunity and how the possibility of negative side effects was so remote as to not warrant further consideration.  Not once did our doctor go over in detail the possible side effects with us, which would have constituted informed consent and is a legal obligation of any doctor that administers or prescribes any medicine.  No, our doctor, like most others, was all too happy to gloss over the dangers of vaccination and sweep the risks under the rug so we would question no more.  In the end we opted for what we thought was a safe compromise by doing a delayed vaccination schedule - we were given a printout from the Dr. Sears recommended delayed vaccination schedule, which we followed to the letter.

Everything appeared to be going ok with the vaccines, no fevers, no obvious reactions, etc, right up until our daughter was given the first round of the MMR vaccine at around 18 months old.  We had no prior knowledge about the dangers specific to the MMR vaccine - our doctor did not mention any possible side effects, and we had not researched ourselves to find out the truth.  The day after the MMR vaccine was given, our daughter was noticeably more quiet and sedate.  My wife and I immediately recognized that something was "off" with our daughter.  Our fears were confirmed when I took her to the gym daycare and the regular caregiver, after spending an hour or so with her, asked me what was wrong with her.  This caregiver did not know that Sophia had been to the doctor the day before, yet she still noticed that she was not herself.  Sophia was less sociable, and didn't play like she always did.  This troubling development led me to research the MMR vaccine and what I found was quite troubling, to say the very least.  The further I looked, the more unbelievable the facts became about the dangers of vaccines.  There were cover-ups, scandals, and lies being committed and perpetuated by institutions that I previously believed to be honest and responsible.


The level of misinformation and lack of informed consent was plainly criminal.  If my wife and I been had been given all of the facts prior to vaccinating our daughter, we never would have risked harming her in such a way.

Over the next few weeks our daughter seemed to get back to normal, but we will never fully know what the long-term effects are of the vaccines she was given.  One thing was certain though; we were NEVER going to vaccinate a child of ours, ever again.

Realizing that we couldn't simply rely on vaccines to guard our children against disease, I doubled down my efforts to learn about how to raise a strong, healthy child naturally.  I researched, studied, and practiced natural methods of boosting immunity, increasing overall health, and raising a healthy family with traditional methods.  Perhaps it is partly the feeling of disappointment and powerlessness that drove me to become The Healthy Dad and spread the message far and wide that the health of ourselves and our families lies in our own hands, not in the hands of a cold, calculating medical-industrial machine.

Do Your Own Research

When it comes to medical decisions, or any other aspect of the health of you and your family, I highly encourage you to do your own research.  A word of caution, though, as with any research - always know where the information is coming from, and who stands to gain from the results.  So very many of the studies related to medicine, vaccines, and any other pro-corporate attitudes are bought and paid for by the very companies that stand to gain from the results.  I have done my best to compile information from unbiased, trustworthy sources on the Resources page that cover most topics on this site, so I recommend using that as a place to start for anyone looking to expand their knowledge on health related topics.

For information on vaccines I recommend first watching the documentary, "Vaxxed".  There is much opposition to the claims made in this documentary, but upon close inspection it is difficult to find an opposing commentary from someone who does not receive a paycheck from an organization that is funded by pharmaceutical companies.  Given that most network television stations, newspapers, magazines, and other types of news media are largely funded by pharmaceutical advertisers, it is highly implausible that one could get unbiased information from any of these sources.

Beyond the documentary, there is a ton of information available online or in print if you look for it with a critical eye.


Make Your Own Decisions

At the end of the day you must make your own decisions.  At the very least, though, it is so very important that you are given both sides of the story before being bullied into defaulting to the medical establishment recommendations.  If after having truly informed consent on vaccinations or any other health related topic you still choose to follow the doctor's orders, then by all means do so.  This may be a decision you will have to live with the rest of your life, so make it carefully and give it deep thought.  The number one situation I would like to prevent is another family making a rash, uninformed decision the way my wife and I were made to.  I wish you health and happiness in with whatever decision you may make.