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Follow the wisdom of our ancestors and your body will do the rest.  A traditional diet, steeped in the cultural heritage of those that came before us is the one true path to health through food.

*In extreme situations or when an unhealthy imbalance is present, fasting is a more aggressive approach to weight loss and/or cleansing the body.  See the About Fasting page for more info.

1. Eat In  A 9-Hour Window

Our bodies function optimally when we eat within a 9-hour window each day

  • Eating in a window is a form of Intermittent Fasting

  • Allows the natural cycles of our bodies to function at peak levels

  • Promotes natural weight regulation

2. Don't Eat After 7 PM

Fasting after 7 PM keeps your body in sync with natural Circadian Rhythms that govern internal mechanisms

  • Helps the body prepare for the sleep cycle - ensures more restful sleep

  • Encourages you to go to sleep earlier

  • Eating after sunset is unnatural

3. No More Than 3 Meals/Day

Our bodies were not designed to be constantly processing food throughout the day

  • Spacing out meals helps regulate blood sugar levels

  • Allows the body to focus on other tasks besides digesting food

  • Facilitates development of healthier food behaviors

4. Watch Your Fats

  • Be sure that you are using natural, unprocessed fats. Raw is always preferable to cooked, so utilize cold-pressed olive oil, raw coconut oil, and raw dairy as much as possible.

*Note: You must find a source for raw dairy. This is the virtual bedrock of a traditional healthy diet and offers more flexibility when sourcing calorie-dense raw foods. If you are serious about your health and weight, then there should be no limit to how far you will go to make this happen. Start here to get in touch with your local dairy farmers.

5. Eat More RAW Calories

The easiest way to lose weight is to eat more raw calories.  It should be obvious that eating handfuls of raw honey will not get the job done, but for the most part if you up your intake of calorie dense raw foods then your body will naturally gravitate towards its ideal weight.  

Get 50-75% of your calories from raw foods

  • Raw calories will not just fall into your lap; one must know 1) What to Look For and 2) Where to Get It.

  • Eating raw foods decreases the digestive workload on your body, allowing it to focus on other essential tasks like healing itself from imbalances or sickness, cleansing itself from toxins, or repairing damaged tissue.

  • Calorie for calorie, raw foods are much more nutrient-dense. They make you feel full faster, thus requiring you to eat less food for the same results. This is especially true with raw fats.

6. Watch Your Carbs

  • Your carbs MUST come from high-quality, fresh sources.

    • This may be the most challenging aspect of weight regulation. The temptation to consume convenience or junk foods, of which there are plenty, is often too great to bear.

  • To avoid temptation, planning meals, keeping healthy snacks on hand, especially when away from home, and packing lunch if you are leaving for the day is helpful.

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