List of Calorie Dense Raw Foods

If getting 50% or more of your calories from raw food seems like a tall order, it's really not if you account for all of the calorie dense raw foods that are listed below.  The most essential piece that most people are missing is access to raw dairy, so I recommend checking the free raw milk search feature available at the following link: Real Milk Finder.




Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
This is the book that started it all. Dr. Weston A. Price traveled the world to document the transition of native cultures from a traditional diet to a modern one. What he found is perhaps the most striking and important revelation of our time. It would be difficult to be an informed parent in any capacity without first reading this book. It is equally important for adults to read for their own benefit.
Nourishing Traditions
This is a very well written and detailed book that explains many of the findings of Dr. Weston A. Price on his worldwide journey to study the effect of a modern diet on traditional cultures. Sally Fallon and Dr. Mary Enig to a wonderful job of transforming Dr. Price's findings into usable everyday recipes. The amount of food and health knowledge in this book is a marvel; I highly recommend buying this book and giving it a good read. This is one for the ages.
Pottenger's Cats
This groundbreaking book covers the effects on children and subsequent generations of deviating from a natural diet. Includes photos of documented and verifiable deformities that result. A must read for any parent.
Enzyme Nutrition
Dr. Edward Howell provides us with earth shattering evidence about the importance of food enzymes. Our bodies were designed to consume mostly raw calories from sources such as dairy, fruit, honey, nuts & seeds. Dr. Howell walks you through his detailed research and will change the way you think about food forever.
Complete Guide to Fasting
Dr. Jason Fung is one of the most progressive and knowledgeable modern day doctors that practices the art of fasting as a measure of healing and weight loss. I highly recommend anyone looking to find out more about fasting give this book a read.
The Secret Life of Plants
This is a groundbreaking book about the ability of plants to communicate with other life forms, including humans. While we may not be conscious of our connection to the world around us, many scientists have taken it upon themselves to document this connection and prove its existence beyond the shadow of a doubt. This is a fascinating read and anyone interested in total mind and body health should read it.
Wild Fermentation
Sandor Katz has dedicated his life to exploring the wonderful world of fermentation and health. He has composed a no-nonsense straightforward book on how to ferment various foods from sauerkraut to mead. Katz has also given a historical background to many of the recipes. This is a great read and a great stepping stone into the world of fermentation for beginners.
Nourishing Traditions Baby & Child Care.
Figuring out how to feed baby once they are old enough for food can be a daunting task. Note: the answer is NOT rice cereal. Thankfully we have this baby specific book from the heralded author of the original Nourishing Traditions cookbook. This is an absolute necessity in any parents library.
Fasting and Eating for Health
Integrating an age-old health practice with state-of-the-art medical research, a program explains how a natural diet--without fasting--can renew health, how and why fasting works, and specific dietary and fasting programs for overcoming chronic diseases.
Science of Fasting and Sunbathing
This book offers a common sense approach to the art of healing through fasting. Dr. Shelton backs up his claims with medical research conducted by himself and many other doctors across the world. This is a must read for anyone interested in fasting as a mechanism for weight loss, healing, or as as an added measure of sustaining health.
Health & Survival
Written by Ross Horne, a real truth seeker when it comes to health and curing of disease. This book is a free and valuable resource for all. I highly recommend you give it a read.
Traditional Remedies
Sarah Pope, The Healthy Home Economist, is one of the more knowledgable health bloggers on the internet. I highly value her contributions to the health community and believe that this book is well written and is a treasure trove of information. Especially for folks that are new to natural healing, I highly recommend purchasing this book and keeping it on the book shelf.
Natural Cures
Kevin Trudeau is a controversial figure, no doubt. While this book is often repetitive and some of the info is bogus, there is still a great deal of eye opening information that I consider to be very valuable. This book remains on our bookshelf and I feel it is a worthwhile read for anyone in the natural foods community.
The Nourished Kitchen
This is great recipe compilation from a dedicated natural foods home cook. This is another book we are proud to have on our bookshelf.
Science of Fasting
This is a groundbreaking documentary that brings light back to the science of fasting. Fasting has been proven to be a highly effective means of treatment for all manner of disease and obesity. This has been well documented over the last two hundred years, but much of the research has been brushed under the rug of the modern medical-industrial complex.
Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe
Whatever your opinions on vaccines, this documentary is a must watch before deciding how to proceed with your own children. No exceptions.
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Diet Doctor
This is perhaps the most valuable diet related website on the internet. I've been using this information on this site for a couple years now and each time I visit i find something new. I mostly use the ketogenic meal plans and recipes here, but there is also a ton of scientific data and information about the keto diet and why it works. I highly recommend you bookmark this site now!
The Healthy Home Economist
Sarah Pope, The Healthy Home Economist, is by far the number one health blogger that I follow online. From traditional remedies, to recipes, investigative articles, and health news coverage, The Healthy Home Economist seems to have it all. The information she puts out is invaluable, and I highly recommend subscribing to her blog.
Spark People
Spark People is a diet tracking resource with Premium options. I have only ever used the free service for tracking my daily nutrients and nutrition goals. I love this site and love that it gives so much away for free. The nutrition tracker is customizable and allows you to save your own recipes with corresponding nutrition info. The only thing I don't like about this site is that they don't make it easy to input a keto diet plan, though I still use this to track my nutrition.
Dr Berg
Dr. Berg does a great job of putting out videos that explain everything you need to know about the keto diet and weight loss or regulation. Dr. Berg has so much information available that I often just listen to him in the background while I cook or exercise at the gym. This site is absolutely invaluable and I highly recommend you give it a look.
Weston A. Price
This site is a great springboard for connecting with other health aware people. The Weston A. Price foundation is comprised of honest to goodness freedom fighters and their pursuit of food freedom and policy change should serve as an inspiration to us all. I definitely recommend familiarizing yourself with this site and organization.
How to Make Sushi
This is a rather unusual site for me to recommend here, but my family loves sushi and this site has been the single greatest resource in my years long pursuit of making great sushi at home. The videos are of a professional quality and the instruction is right on point with walking beginners through the basics of sushi making. Not only does homemade sushi cost WAY LESS, it is fun and you can get your fill of as much as you like!
The Spruce Eats
This site is an amazing free resource that puts out authentic recipes from around the world. I most often frequent this site to learn about French cooking, especially the many wonderful French sauces! This is very well done and an excellent resource for inspiration and research into authentic global cuisine.
Beets & Bones
This is a traditional foods blog that I visit at least once per week. Valeria does an amazing job of photographing and detailing traditional foods recipes. I most often use her sourdough recipes, as she is a true master of sourdough and ancient grain preparation. Her sourdough einkorn sandwich bread is something I make my children every week and it is absolutely the best recipe ever. I highly recommend you explore her site and bookmark it for future use.
Just One Cookbook
This site has an extensive collection of authentic Japanese recipes. In my pursuit of uncovering the secrets of world food culture I have grown especially fond of traditional Japanese cuisine. This site is the best online resource for understanding what true Japanese food is; however, I would advise there are many ingredients used that include MSG and similar preservatives. As with any other recipe online, use your best judgment and don't be afraid to make substitutions.
This site has a great nutrition info calculator that has many hard to find food items in its expansive database. There is plenty of other useful info here as well, so go check it out and get motivated!
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