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Stokke Xplory Stroller
I have used the Stokke Xplory stroller with both of my children and i absolutely LOVE it! This sroller is not only attractive, it is super adjustable and convenient. Whether you're walking to the corner cafe for a quick bite, strolling at the park, or shopping in the city, this stroller can do it all with ease and maximum comfort for baby. Perhaps the best feature is how high up (and easily accessible) baby is. Also the handlebar height adjusts to both mom and dad can have a custom fit.
Stokke Xplory Carry Cot
This carry cot is like a snuggly little bed for baby up to 6 months. When finding my stroller I considered this a must have addition for baby. I used ours all 6 months and could not have enjoyed using it more with both of our bundles. Highly recommended.
I don't know why this doesn't come with the stroller. Definitely pick up one of these with your stroller - it's the perfect place to keep a baby bottle on hand.
Stokke Foot Muff
This has been an absolute lifesaver in cold weather. Even on the coldest days (around 30 or 40 degrees F where we live), baby stayed 100% warm and toasty. Not only did I use this with our Stokke, but it works with any 5-point harness system, so I put it on our baby jogger and could comfortably take baby on walks or jogs during the winter months. LOVE IT!!
Stokke Stroller Winter Kit
This winter kit has been amazing for us. I've been able to take baby out on cold days with zero issues, and I LOVE the hand warmer on the handle. Definitely get this kit! Pair it with the Stokke Foot Muff for the perfect winter combo.
Stokke Stroller Car Seat Adaptor Multi
These multi-adapters are great. We used it with our Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 car seat, but they also work with the Nuna® Pipa, Cybex Aton Q, Maxi Cosi Mico NXT, and Clek Liing car seats.
Maxi Cosi Infant Car Seat
Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30. My favorite car seat. This is lightweight, durable, and comfortable for baby. Used it from day 1 up to 30 lbs ~ 2 years old. Also got the adapters for our Stokke stroller base - works flawlessly.
Evenflo Booster Car Seat
This is the car seat we chose for our son when he grew out of the infant seat. Love it - and got it for a great price.
Jogging Stroller
This is the jogging stroller I use. It's a great price, has a locking front wheel which is an absolute MUST if you will be doing anything but walking, the tires are inflatable, which gives a more comfortable ride, and it is plenty comfortable for baby. The 5-point harness is compatible with the Stokke Foot Muff for all season use with baby. I've logged over 500 miles on mine and it's still going strong. The only downside is there's no hand break, but for the money this can't be beat.
BABYBJÖRN Front & Back Carrier
Carriers have come such a long way - this model is super breathable, ultra comfortable, and can be used in 4 different positions for baby. LOVE this and I consider it an absolute MUST HAVE.
This bouncer is a lifesaver when you need a place to set baby so you can be hands free. Bring this around the house with you into the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Our babies loved this - and so did I! Should be a staple item in any parent's arsenal.
Medela Symphony Plus
This breast pump was absolutely indispensable in our pursuit of exclusively breast feeding our babies. I give this item my highest recommendation.
PlanetBox Lunch Box
This is my favorite lunch box - we've used it for three years with our daughter so far and I couldn't live without it This is a bit pricey, but totally worth it!
PlanetBox Ice Pack
Designed to fit perfectly in the PlanetBox lunch box - a great accessory to go with your lunch box.
Stainless Baby Bowl
I love this bowl because it is drop resistant and has a nice suction cup base. The lid is a nice bonus. Highly recommended.
Reusable Food Pouches
These are the reusable food pouches I used. They work great and hold up well in the dishwasher.
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KitchenAid Mixer
It is very important to find the right mixer that has enough horsepower and wattage to get the job done. This is the mixer I use and it can handle any task from kneading bread dough to whipping up egg whites or butter. Love this!
KitchenAid Meat Grinder
This meat grinder brings your home kitchen up a level towards professional capabilities. There are so many uses beyond grinding meat such as grinding corn for masa dough, grinding garlic, onion, or veggies, or grinding sprouted wheat berries for making Mana bread.
3mm Meat Grinder Disc
This is the best disc available for grinding corn masa dough. I consider this a MUST HAVE accessory for the KitchenAid meat grinder.
KitchenAid Pasta Roller & Cutters
Not only do these cut the work way down for fresh pasta making, but the roller is PERFECT for rolling sourdough cracker dough. I could not go without this set.
KitchenAid Spiralizer
Love this for making zucchini noodles - this spiralizer pays for itself by making so easy to do zoodles at home.
Vegetable Sheet Cutter
This makes perfect vegetable sheets for faux lasagna noodles. Can also be used for sandwich wraps, or sushi rolls.
Oat Roller for KitchenAid
This is an invaluable accessory to the KitchenAid mixer. My family and I love the taste of freshly rolled oats, and baked oatmeal. It is super important to roll your own oats for similar reasons that it is important to mill your own flour. Freshness is key!
Oat Roller
This is a wonderful hand crank oat roller. By far the best way to make oatmeal is to roll your own oats, and this will help you get it done. The link below will bring you to the real thing, whereas there are a few lesser quality knock offs available online. This one is all stainless steel, as opposed to aluminum, and comes with a full three year warranty.
VitaMix Blender
This is probably the appliance that I use the most in my kitchen. This is pricey, but is a great long-term investment in the health of yourself or your family. Go with the Pro grade - this is not an item to skimp on.
Cuisinart Food Processor 7 Cup
This is the classic 7 cup food processor. Just the right size for making mayonnaise, shredding carrots or cheese, or family meal prepping. This is the very best processor out there.
Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus
This is great for chopping garlic, making small batch salad dressing, or any other small scale prep job.
6-Qt. Instant Pot
This is my go-to method of preparing bone broths at home. Huge time saver and delivers impressive results. Also great for cooking tough meats in a pinch, or cooking pre-soaked beans in minutes.
Moccamaster Coffee Maker
This is one of the finest home coffee makers available in the world. The key is delivering consistent and correct brew temperatures, and boy does this baby deliver. We love it. Make sure to get a great conical burr grinder to go with it to maximize coffee quality in your home.
OXO Coffee Grinder
This conical burr coffee grinder is an absolute bargain at $99. This is the same model I use and I can say that it will elevate your coffee to coffee shop status.
NutriMill Grain Mill
Milling fresh flour is a MUST if you are committed to the health of your family. This mill has a great reputation and has been around for quite a while.
Excalibur Food Dehydrator
This dehydrator is one of the best on the market, and it opens up a whole new world of super healthy food and snack options.
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Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Chef's Knife
My favorite chef's knife - this is an all around workhorse of a knife - the one you must have in the kitchen.
Wusthof Classic Paring Knife
This is the perfect accompaniment to the Wusthof Chef's Knife. These are the two most important knives in any home chef's arsenal.
Cutting Board
This is a great entry-level wood cutting board.
Olive Wood Spoons
Olive Wood 5-Piece Cooking Wooden Utensil Set With Holder, Includes Spatula, Cooking/Mixing Spoon, Salad Spoon & Fork With Holder.
Olive Wood Soup Ladle
The perfect soup ladle - made from Olive Wood to last a lifetime.
Stainless Cookware Set
This set covers all the basics for stainless cookware. These are a must have.
The Best Cast Iron Skillets
These skillets from TasteMade are crafted in the old style with a super smooth machined finish. You can usually find pans like these in antique shops, but if you want to buy new then there is no other option for this quality.
Hand Hammered Wok
This 14" Carbon Steel Wok is a timeless piece that will last forever and can handle any task. Perfect for stir-frying, deep frying, sauces, soups, and anything else. Love this wok!
Wok Ring
This cast iron wok ring will fit most gas stovetop grates. Check out the link below to make sure it fits your model. This is a must have for cooking with a traditional round bottom wok on a gas stove.
6-Qt Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven
This workhorse is great for too many recipes to list - this is another must have.
3-Qt Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven
This is the perfect pan for rice and side dishes. Another absolute staple pan in my kitchen.
12-Qt Stainless Covered Stock Pot
Heavy duty large stock pot, perfect for slow-cooking soups, stews and rich, traditional bone broths.
Stainless-Steel Roasting Pan
Perfect for oven roasting meat, poultry and vegetables or for baking lasagna and casseroles.
Granite Ware Baking Sheet
This is my preferred non-toxic cookie sheet - works for quick roasting and various oven tasks too.
Classic 16" Pizza Stone
This is a great basic pizza stone - perfect for thin, crispy crust.
Large Pullman Loaf Pan
This is the best large loaf pan, hands down.
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Olive Oil
This is my preferred brand of Olive Oil. It comes from the rolling hills of Italy on an organic farm, and is first-cold pressed to retain maximum health benefits.
Beef Tallow
It's best to get this from a local farmer, but if that's not an option then you can get it here for a decent price per gallon. This is non-hydrogenated and totally natural. Perfect for frying, baking, sautéing, or any other cooking.
Pork Lard
Perfect for frying, baking, sautéing, or any other type of cooking. This is a clean, healthy fat that has been used since the dawn of time. It's best to get your fats from a trusted local farmer, but if that's not an option then go for this.
Coconut Oil
Raw, Unrefined, Organic coconut oil. Pure coconut oil in its natural state. Great for blending into smoothies, eating as it is, or mixing into coffee.
Grass-Fed Ghee
Ghee, a.k.a. clarified butter is a wonderful, nutrition-packed addition to any meal. This is one of the finest cooking and baking fats available.
Apple Cider Vinegar
This is a fantastic raw apple cider vinegar. With so many uses in the kitchen, in medicines, and around the house you cannot afford not to have a bottle, or two, on hand.
Real Balsamic Vinegar
This vinegar is the real deal; made from 100% Trebbiano grape must - no fillers, sweeteners, caramels, etc. This is an absolute gem in the kitchen. A side note - this is a living food, so should always be eaten in its natural state - do NOT cook with this, simply use it as a topper on your food.
Organic Tomato Paste
These jars of organic tomato paste can be pretty difficult to find in a store. It's a great idea to stock up on this case of 12 with an online order so you don't run out of this kitchen staple.
Diced Tomatoes
This is my absolute favorite brand of tomatoes to cook with. Jovial brand items are grown on an organic farm in the rolling hills of Italy. Love these!
Whole Peeled Tomatoes
This is my absolute favorite brand of tomatoes to cook with. Jovial brand items are grown on an organic farm in the rolling hills of Italy. Love these!
Nama Shoyu Soy Sauce
This is raw, enzyme rich, naturally brewed soy sauce. Ohsawa Nama Shoyu is fermented, or cultured, in the traditional way, in wooden barrels under the sun. The label boasts "living enzymes and beneficial organisms". Its mouthwatering umami taste brings out the best in food without darkening its color. Enjoy it on sushi, tofu, seafood, vegetables, even on fruit.
Red Boat Fish Sauce
Red Boat is an all-natural, first press, "extra virgin" Vietnamese fish sauce. It does not contain added water, preservatives or MSG. This is the only brand I use.
Authentic Mirin
This is the highest quality Mirin that is widely available in the United States. This Mirin is brewed/aged in the traditional method and does NOT contain added sugars, or preservatives. I consider this an absolute MUST for Japanese cooking.
Rice Vinegar
Pure, additive-free rice vinegar can be hard to come by in some super markets. This is a pure and clean brand I recommend.
Shaoxing Rice Wine
This is traditional Chinese rice wine, used for cooking and marinating a wide variety of Asian flavored dishes.
Toasted Sesame Oil
This is perfect for adding the finishing touch of nutty sweetness to salads or Asian inspired dishes. Be sure not to heat this oil, as it is extremely delicate. Rather use this to top or dress your dish once it is ready to serve.
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Dyson V10 Vacuum
This is currently the best handheld Dyson for the money. Comes with a multitude of attachments, has up to an hour of battery life, and has three power modes. Plus it is a HEPA vacuum, LOVE this.
Large Room Air Purifier
This is a great large room HEPA air purifier, up to 1000 sq. feet. Has many great features, and gets the job done well.
Small Room Air Purifier
This is a great HEPA air filter for smaller rooms like bedrooms or offices. Packs a lot of power into a small unit and is a great price.
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Supplements & Remedies

These are the highest quality probiotics I have used. They are great as a daily supplement for immune support. They can also be opened directly into your mouth before bed to cure a sore throat. Love these!
Neti Pot
Love this neti pot; it's ceramic and dishwasher safe too. Use this to rinse our nasal passages during allergy season, or whenever your sinuses are blocked.
Neti Salt
This is a clean, iodide-free, preservative-free salt that is intended to be used with the Neti Pot.
Sinus Rinse For Children
This is a great alternative to the neti pot for sinus rinsing. I have found this to be way easier to use on children, and easier for sensitive adults. Just be sure not to squeeze too hard, as this may cause too much pressure in the sinuses.
Ear Oil Relief Drops
These are a great natural cure for an ear infection. Some children get more ear infections than others, probably depending on diet and gut health, but the worst thing to do would be to treat with antibiotics. This natural alternative works 100% of the time. 5-7 drops per ear, one to two times daily. Pain relief will take 3 - 4 hours from the initial dose.
Apple Cider Vinegar
This is a fantastic raw apple cider vinegar. With so many uses in the kitchen, in medicines, and around the house you cannot afford not to have a bottle, or two, on hand.
Potassium Iodide
This is used to make Super Saturated Potassium Iodide (SSKI). Simply measure a small amount of water (enough to fit in a dropper) and mix this powder into the water until it won't dissolve anymore. The resulting liquid is SSKI. 5-8 drops two to four times/day will work as an all natural cough expectorant. No more awful cough syrup from the drug store!
Glass Dropper Bottles
These 2 oz. bottles are perfect for holding extracts, tinctures, and medicines. I use these for SSKI, made from Potassium Iodide and water.
Essiac Tea
There are many touted health benefits of Essiac Tea. Generally speaking it is said to cleanse the body and organs. i have used it successfully to treat a chronic cough that would not go away. I sipped a few ounces each night for about 2 weeks, and poof! The cough was gone. I won't pretend to know the science of this, but I do know that sometimes the body gets an imbalance, and having some herbal tea like this can often do the trick to get your body back to homeostasis.
Dried Elderberries
These are used for making elderberry syrup, which is said to be an immune booster and cold/flu remedy.
Activated Charcoal
I most often use this for an upset stomach, but it can also be used orally as a teeth whitener. Great to have on hand.
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Shea Butter
Pure shea butter has a wide variety of uses in personal care products. It's always a good idea to keep a pound or two on hand.
Coconut Oil
With so many uses, coconut oil is surely a miracle product. You can eat it, drink it, rub it on your skin, mix it into all types of personal care products, etc. We always have some coconut oil on hand.
Olive Oil
High quality food grade olive oil has many skincare and hair care applications. This is yet another reason to always have a bottle on hand.
Vitamin E Oil
This is great for skincare and hair care. This is another item that we always keep on hand.
Jojoba Oil
This is great for natural skincare and hair care. I always have a bottle of this on hand.
Castille Soap
This is a great soap for the shower - it really gives you that super clean feeling when you need it. I also use it on my hair when it gets extra oily - just be sure to condition afterwards.
Baking Soda
Pure, organic, aluminum free baking soda. With so many uses around the house and in personal care products, it makes sense to buy a 2 lb. bag at a great price.
Lavender Essential Oil
This is a subtle and calming scent. We use this with our deodorant, but there are endless uses around the house.
Peppermint Essential Oil
This is perfect for flavoring toothpaste, or just using a dab on your temple for relaxation. Very high quality.
Deodorant Containers
Set of 12 reusable deodorant sticks. These are also great for lotion bars.
This is the classic 3-Row Regular toothbrush from POH; The toothbrushes from this company have unique rounded bristles that clean the teeth without damaging them. These are the only toothbrushes I use with my family.
VitaFresh Shower Filter
This shower filter uses the natural power of Vitamin C to filter our chlorine from your shower water. Chlorine gas in the shower is the single biggest exposure we have in our daily life to chlorine, so it is imperative, especially for our children, to filter out chlorine before using hot water for a shower. This is the filter I trust and use with my family and it works great - just be sure to buy extra cartridges!
VitaFresh Filter Refill Pack
5-Pack of VitaFresh chlorine filters for the shower. We go through one of these about every 2-3 weeks, so it's important to keep extra on hand.
5 Gallon Jug
This jug is BPA free and comes with a solid plastic handle. I try to avoid the hollow handles, as they tend to accumulate growth of algae or mold.
Porcelain Water Dispenser
This is the perfect water dispenser. Drinking water is much better to drink at room temperature, as cold water tends to have a negative effect on the body. This dispenser costs less, requires less maintenance, and is better than a traditional water cooler.
Water Dispenser Stand
This is a great stand for your porcelain water dispenser and 5 gallon water jug. Using a stand allows you to free up counter space and place the dispenser anywhere you like.
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Jojoba Oil

This is great for natural skincare and hair care. I always have a bottle of this on hand.

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