Forget Everything You Know About Fitness...

The answer to weight loss lies squarely in the dietary realm.  There is no amount of fitness or exercise that can offset the damage done by a poor diet.

The body will naturally gravitate towards a healthy weight when a proper diet is adopted.  Once the transition to a traditional foods diet has been made, fitness becomes more about preserving strength, flexibility and form, rather than a mad dash to lose weight.

The most important factor in maintaining fitness for health is flexibility and maintaining proper range of motion of the joints.

1.  Flexibility is Key


enough to sweat

3.  Plenty of Sunshine

Beyond these 3 things, there is little else most people need.

There is little about the idea of fitness that is true.  The vast majority of people, with exception to professional athletes, rarely if ever need to partake in rigorous exercise.

The things commonly associated with fitness such as beauty, low body fat, toned physique, and health are all easily attained by adhering to a truly healthy and balanced diet. 


It is perplexing that the typical idea of a healthy and balanced diet is equally misconstrued by the vast majority of people.  This combination of misinformation and downright wrong assumptions about health, diet and fitness are exactly what have led us to the current health and obesity epidemic.