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This blog is dedicated to revealing the lost food traditions that our ancestors passed down for generations before the industrialized world took over our food supply.  My ambition is not only to uncover the lost traditions, but to translate them into everyday, workable traditions that fit into our modern lives and kitchens.

The information that I provide here is largely based on my own research and beliefs about health and food.  I have spent a virtual lifetime reading scientific studies, literature, and personal accounts about the benefits of traditional foods and I wish to present my findings on this blog in a way that is easy to understand.

I suggest that my readers forget all of the scientific clutter on the Internet.  Reading a never-ending back and forth barrage of scientific data will serve to accomplish nothing but leave you feeling more clueless than before.  When it comes to nutrition, as in most areas of life, I believe that you must trust your instincts.  I believe that we are all born with an intuitive sense about what is good and bad for us, and we must simply look inward and feel with our heart center whether something is good for us or not; the trick is to really listen.  And in regards to food we must also trust our ancestors, as they survived and thrived for millennia passing down a rich cultural food heritage from generation to generation.

One simple tenant that I live by when it comes to traditional foods is asking myself, “How was this done 100 years ago?”  This is not a hard and fast rule, rather it serves to remind me that when something is overcomplicated the best approach is to remember how it was done before our food system was industrialized.  This is because most of the nutritional deficiencies we see in our modern world are a result of the industrialization of our food.  I am not here to convince you of why or how this happened, as there is ample research and theory on this already, rather I am here to right some of the wrongs in the way we relate to food - and most specifically in how we feed our children, who are the most valuable resource in our world...

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