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1. Decisions, Decisions

This first year will test your commitment to natural parenting; it's time to firm up your stance on some key decisions.  Here are a few examples that may come up:

  • Breast Feeding - Is It Worth It?

Breastfeeding can be quite the daunting task.  This new activity seemingly takes over mom's life during the first year.  No matter the difficulty though, parents should take every measure to ensure baby is exclusively breastfed before transitioning to food.  Multiple recent studies have shown that even supplementing with formula can have severe life long impacts on baby such as increasing their risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer by up to 25% in adulthood.


On the rare occasion when this is simply not possible, there are services that sell human breastmilk, or you can make your own that far outperforms the toxic powdered formula.

  • Vitamin K

Highly toxic and completely unnecessary.  Babies naturally build up their Vitamin K over the first seven days.  There is simply no medical reason to ever give the Vitamin K shot to girls.  If you feel compelled to circumcise your son, simply wait until the seventh day and the toxic shot will not be needed. 

  • To Snip or Not to Snip

Somehow circumcision has become "standard practice" within most medical circles.  With the exception of religious obligation to do so, this procedure is barbaric and unnecessary.  Thankfully, support for not circumcising seems to be growing.

  • Vaccines

If you decide not to vaccinate you must be prepared for ridicule and outright contempt from the medical establishment.  Standing firm on your decision is a must, as a person who stands for nothing will fall for anything. See the About Vaccines page for more information.

  • When Baby Has a Fever

You MUST resist the urge to give fever reducing medication.  Most naturally raised breastfed babies will not develop a fever in the first year, but if they do it can be quite concerning for parents.  Rest assured that unless the fever is above 103 degrees, there is nothing to worry about.  This is simply a sign that the baby's developing immune system is working properly.

  • Ear Infections

If baby develops an ear infection, antibiotics are NOT the answer.  A simple and harmless fix is garlic oil drops, which can be made at home or purchased online.​  These work even better than antibiotics - the only catch is that it takes about 5 hours for the pain to subside once the drops are administered.

2. Know the Facts

Unpopular but true facts about babies...

  • Baby formula is no substitute for mother's milk.

  • Vaccines inhibit immune function and can damage the developing brain.

  • Herd immunity from vaccines is a myth.

  • Butter, eggs and liver (and most other farm foods) are all great for baby after 6-9 months of age.

  • Baby food needs to be salted.

Learn For Yourself with These Recommended Resources:

Pottenger's Cats
This groundbreaking book covers the effects on children and subsequent generations of deviating from a natural diet. Includes photos of documented and verifiable deformities that result. A must read for any parent.
Nourishing Traditions Baby & Child Care.
Figuring out how to feed baby once they are old enough for food can be a daunting task. Note: the answer is NOT rice cereal. Thankfully we have this baby specific book from the heralded author of the original Nourishing Traditions cookbook. This is an absolute necessity in any parents library.
Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
This is the book that started it all. Dr. Weston A. Price traveled the world to document the transition of native cultures from a traditional diet to a modern one. What he found is perhaps the most striking and important revelation of our time. It would be difficult to be an informed parent in any capacity without first reading this book. It is equally important for adults to read for their own benefit.
Enzyme Nutrition
Dr. Edward Howell provides us with earth shattering evidence about the importance of food enzymes. Our bodies were designed to consume mostly raw calories from sources such as dairy, fruit, honey, nuts & seeds. Dr. Howell walks you through his detailed research and will change the way you think about food forever.
Health & Survival
Written by Ross Horne, a real truth seeker when it comes to health and curing of disease. This book is a free and valuable resource for all. I highly recommend you give it a read.
Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe
Whatever your opinions on vaccines, this documentary is a must watch before deciding how to proceed with your own children. No exceptions.
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3. Take Responsibility

  • Being a parent is the most important job you will ever have.

  • If at all possible, one parent should stay home with baby.  There is simply no other way to reliably raise baby with traditional methods.

  • Now is the time to cultivate habits that allow you to work traditional food preparation into your busy schedule.  Super markets are not the answer.

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe

Whatever your opinions on vaccines, this documentary is a must watch before deciding how to proceed with your own children. No exceptions.

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