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There are large volumes of scientific research on the healing powers of fasting, but these have been suppressed by the modern medical-industrial machine.

Some of the most amazing facts about fasting are...

  • It's a safe and effective means of weight loss

  • Most people can fast for up to 40 days with no negative side effects

  • Allows the body to heal itself from the inside out

  • Can reverse the symptoms of, or cure almost any disease

  • Helps regulate hormone levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol

Learn For Yourself with These Recommended Resources:

Science of Fasting Documentary
This is a groundbreaking documentary that brings light back to the science of fasting. Fasting has been proven to be a highly effective means of treatment for all manner of disease and obesity. This has been well documented over the last two hundred years, but much of the research has been brushed under the rug of the modern medical-industrial complex.
The Complete Guide to Fasting
Dr. Jason Fung is one of the most progressive and knowledgeable modern day doctors that practices the art of fasting as a measure of healing and weight loss. I highly recommend anyone looking to find out more about fasting give this book a read.
Science of Fasting and Sunbathing
This book offers a common sense approach to the art of healing through fasting. Dr. Shelton backs up his claims with medical research conducted by himself and many other doctors across the world. This is a must read for anyone interested in fasting as a mechanism for weight loss, healing, or as as an added measure of sustaining health.
Fasting and Eating for Health
Integrating an age-old health practice with state-of-the-art medical research, a program explains how a natural diet--without fasting--can renew health, how and why fasting works, and specific dietary and fasting programs for overcoming chronic diseases.
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Regulate Body Weight

The secret to weight loss is not high intensity cardio, nor is it a low-fat diet full of vegetables and fiber.

The real and simple truth of weight loss is that all you have to do is FAST.

How I came to know about FASTING...

The years I spent working as a personal trainer and nutrition coach helped acquaint me with the current typical recommendations for weight loss.  No matter which health or fitness professional you talk to, the general recommendations for weight loss are going to go something like... Monitor your calories, switch to a low-fat diet, do plenty of high intensity cardio, and do moderate resistance training.

After a couple years of working in the industry I became incredibly frustrated at the lack of progress my clients were making.  I heard statistics like: America has the most gyms per capita in the world, but is also the fattest nation, and assumed my clients just didn't have the will power to stick to their diet.  I ran my clients through brutal workouts, ran them like crazy on cardio machines, and coached them up on low-fat, "healthy" alternatives to foods they were eating.  None of this seemed to work.

In addition to these standard weight loss recommendations, there was always a rumor floating around that fasting is super bad for you.  The reason we all gave for saying this was that fasting would make your body burn muscle and retain fat because it goes into "starvation mode," and tries to retain fat reserves for energy.  NONSENSE!!

The fact of the matter is that when we begin a fast our bodies quickly switch from using carbohydrates as the main fuel source, to burning stored fat.  Very little protein, or muscle, is used for energy during a fast.  Not until body fat levels are dangerously low will the body turn to muscle as a source of fuel.  This is the plain truth and my wife and I are living, breathing proof of it.

My wife and I first gave fasting a serious try after watching the above referenced documentary, The Science of Fasting.  We were absolutely amazed at the information presented, and we were fully motivated to give it a try.  I knew that this was the missing piece to the weight loss puzzle that I had been looking for.

My wife and I did 1 - 4 day fasts on and off about once per week for about three months.  We lost nearly 50 pounds each - and there was no high intensity cardio involved.  Actually there was very little exercise involved at all beyond long walks outdoors and moderate aerobic activity.  On non-fasting days we ate a high fat, low carb diet like the one outlined on the Get The Facts page.

Never again will we struggle with weight loss, or feel like we need a gym membership to get control of our weight fluctuations.  We now fast at least once a month for 1-3 days, and eat a healthy diet full of good fats and traditionally prepared foods.

Heal The Body

Note: When fasting for the purposes of healing sickness or disease it is important that you first contact a medical professional trained in the art of fasting, and do not discontinue any current treatment without first discussing it with your doctor.

With few exceptions, almost anyone can fast for as long as they are comfortable doing so.  There is excessive fear mongering and misinformation when it comes to the human body's ability to not only fast, but heal itself from intractable disease and illness while doing so.

Surely if one feels so inclined then they can ease into fasting by simply eating less for a day or two, and restricting processed foods, eating better, etc., but the true benefit from fasting will only be seen from halting all caloric intake for a period of at least 3 days and up to a maximum of around 40 days.

Generally a therapeutic fast will last at least 12 days, but there are still great benefits to be seen from regular 3-5 day fasts.

The Complete Guide to Fasting

Dr. Jason Fung is one of the most progressive and knowledgeable modern day doctors that practices the art of fasting as a measure of healing and weight loss. I highly recommend anyone looking to find out more about fasting give this book a read.

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